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Cryptocurrency On Wednesday the Supreme Court (SC) lifted a ban on crypto-currency exchanges imposed by India’s Reserve Bank. Earlier the RBI had decided to ban banks from providing services to individuals or businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies.

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In April 2018, the Indian Reserve Bank imposed a ban on cryptocurrency trading which prohibited banks and other financial institutions from facilitating any service in relation to virtual currencies.


This is going to be an excellent move for cryptocurrency startups and entrepreneurs who want to take a deep dive into the cryptocurrency business. It can be said that after lifting the ban of these cryptocurrencies can be a win-win situation for cryptocurrency dealers.

There are many leading cryptocurrency development companies that provide secure and effective development solutions to accelerate their market growth.

Now both the digital and virtual currency are becoming an integral part of the digital world. This significant step could help many other countries uplift the ban. All in all, we can say India is at the forefront of the digital world and becomes an inspiration to many countries.

It is worth waiting for news that comes with a positive response; cryptocurrency dealers are eagerly anticipating this news from the last two years. We all are witnessing the buzz of a cryptocurrency over the last few years.

Now people who want to start their own cryptocurrency business can do it more profoundly and smoothly as the exchange of bitcoin is legal and becomes more authentic in India.

A trade analyst predicts that the cryptocurrency app development software market could be expected to reach over more than 100 startups in less time, resulting in better future growth and greater contributions to the Indian economy.

Despite Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman extending her support for the draft bill, a source close to the development had told that the law is under reconsideration and the government is also under the impression that there is scope for the draft amendment to provide more support and legality to the crypto-currency community in India.

In the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in Bitcoin trading bots. Nowadays, everyone wants to make money with Cryptocurrency without many efforts and now it will become a perfect choice for users.

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A historic day for the people of India, this is the time when the entire country can participate in the revolution of blockchain.

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