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Tangi App Google has announced it’s launching a social video sharing App called Tangi for short, 60-second tutorials. Google has recently launched a social video sharing App known as Tangi. It is a video streaming App that directly challenges Tik Tok. It is a product of Google, which is now available on the Google Play store or

Tangi App

People these days are going crazy about Apps like Tik Tok and Pinterest. These are the platforms which provide the best option for people to showcase their skills. The user now, with the help of Tangi App, can write and share their video content regarding they loved the most.

What is Tangi App?

Tangi App as a social video sharing App allows the user to learn interesting things and enhance their daily skills like, now user can easily get the knowledge of DIY space, Cooking or any other styling skills in under 60 seconds. Unlike TikTok videos, which are mostly focused on entertainment, Tangi comes with unique features that aim to help people to know more about things and upgrade their skills in 60-second videos.

What is so Special about Tangi?

A company claims that Tangi is an easy to use App with high-quality graphics that can easily help the user to kill their boring time. It also comes with significant features which is Try it, and this feature helps users to upload their photos and video and become an active member by interacting with mass audiences.

Emerging Features of Tangi App 

Without any ado, let’s have a look at the emerging features of Tangi app that will surely be going to grab attention of millions. Here are the top features of Tangi App.

  • Available on web and iOS.
  • Inspired by a popular application, Pinterest
  • Tangi allows creative artists to share how-to-make videos on subjects like fashion, beauty,  painting, crafting, cooking and much more.
  • Focused on creativity and DIY content.
  • one-minute videos will help people to learn craft, cook and create.
  • Average video time will be 45 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Like other social media apps, Tangi is not open for all.
  • Currently available at
  • Android version will be launched soon in the market
  • Service is available for all users
  • Like other social media apps, there is a heart icon to like the video and that can be clicked to encourage a creator
  • Liked videos will be saved to your “Liked” section under your profile
  • Allows searching the videos according to the categories.
  • Tangi is free from ads.
  • Option to filter video category is available.

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How to Use Tangi App?

Tangi is quite a user-friendly App with amazing graphics representation and Appealing designs. While surfing the tangi App, users are able to save the video by simply clicking on the heart option. Tangi App is a perfect blend of Tik Tok and Pinterest; now the time will tell how Tangi works against these sparkling and most popular competitors.

Post Author: Roger Marshall