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Google Adsense There are a different kind of websites like Google Adsense, which will fetch you income and increase your business profit by help of “Google Adsense”. You might not be aware of the Adsense alternatives for bloggers. You Might be a blogger and have a passion for writing articles of various niches.


The Google AdSense does not give acceptance to various sites if they don’t match to the content level. You might also be at risk of getting rejected, if your website will not be apt for their advertisers. Google Adsense has set various rules regarding monitoring their sites on a constant basis. The rules and regulation of google is too strict many rules often leads to website or blogging website design issue. In some instances, you have redesign your blogging site and website then you can use google Adsense.

You might be pondering over how much adsense does pay per impression? But why just look at Google Adsense? There are trendy and best Google Adsense alternatives which are the perfect platform for the bloggers to earn good amount of money.If you do not comply with the set of rules, not just your site will be banned, but you will also not be able to open a new Adsense account any time again.

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Best Paying Google Adsense Alternatives for Blogs

1 Adsterra

Google Adsense1

Adsterra is the top-rated ad networks, which recently includes 10 billion geographically targeted ad impression in 1 month. They provide a multifarious and top level ad format for the web and mobile devices: the standard banners or the direct links. It is the best substitute of Adsense for websites that have around 50k impression in a single month. They work with the variety of websites and have an awesome ad rate around the globe.The publishers will get the income bi-weekly through different payment systems.

2 Ad Maven:

This is yet another option for the Google Adsense which has set the world on fire for the bloggers. It offers lots of payment options for the publishers through the banners, slider ads and more- they provide around 500 million full page ad impressions in a single day.

As soon as you register, you will get registered and have access to best in class platform of Ad Maven. Ad Maven will identify the type of your website and offers classified ads for your users, which in turn generate higher revenues for you. Ad Maven also provides you the unique Adblock bypass solution which enables you to present ads to 100% users of your website, thereby enhancing your income.

3 Adversal:

It is the best alternatives to Google Adsense if your website has 40000+ page views in a single month. They approve your website in the blink of an eye. You must also know that your website matches their requirements before you start as the publisher.

They provide charming banner sizes and multifarious types of publishers. The publishers can also use various kinds of ads. As of now, their payout is $20. They also enable you to choose the paypal option. Adversal has the right to reject your website if it does not have 50k page views in a month.

4 Clicksor:

Clicksor offers the publisher with a variety of ad formatting which involves clickable text and also targeted contextual banner ads. To make use on their websites.

All kinds of ads that are viewed by the visitors of your website are context-sensitive. They provide weekly payments through Paypal. As of now, the minimum payout is $50. Clicksor also provides various affiliate programs. That pays the 10% commission.

5 Infolinks:

Infolinks as the best platform for the websites which have massive text-based contents. Inflink will get your page indexed to determine the best ads to display. Various kinds of ads are available which can be published by the publisher on their sites.

Google Adsense5

The type of ad provided by infolinks is the in-text ad links. The different kinds of words on your website are double underlined or dotted underlined. Infolinks has a search widget that appears at the bottom of the screen, and when visitor will move the mouse, it will slide up and show its contents.

6 Revenue Hits:

It is the classy alternative to Googel AdSense. They provide the contextual and geo-targeted ads. You will get the payment whenever the visitor to your website will take specific actions a part of getting paid when they hit on the ad button. Revenuehits provide the payment via paypal account. At present, the payout is $50. Such kind of ads will be rejected which do not have much content on the same. So they consider content as the king.

7 PopAds:

In this alternative to Google Adsense, you can select yourself the minimum bid and that will be approved fro mteh advertisers plus setting the frequency with which pop-under ads gets displayed for the site visitors.

One class feature of PopAds is that you get to request payment of your PopAds revenue at any time you. If you are earning is less than $5 in a day, you can also have earning on a daily basis.

8 Intellilinks:

This is the platform where you are allowed to sell simple text links for your websites to the advertisers at a monthly fee. You are earning solely depends on the traffic to your website. If your website rank has already ranked on Google, and have decent traffic, interlinks are perfect for you. The links which are sold can be placed in the content and also on the sidebar as related links. This platform provides payment to you by PayPal.

9 Propeller Ads Media:

It is yet another best Adsense alternatives that will fetch you income through blogging. If you have a lustrous website about dating, finances, gaming, entertainment, software, then you must opt for this platform for sure. They have a wonderful ad, fill rate for most of the countries. So, if you have various website visitors of Indian origin, you must opt for this platform.

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10 VigLink:

VigLink is one of the best Adsense Alternatives also helps you to make money through blogging at sitting home. They pay you around 25% to 50% of all the revenues received through the clinks on all the links that are being converted through VigLink.

Viglink will take the keyword phrases from your website and it will convert the same into affiliate links. If your website has lots of product content, then it is perfect for you.

Post Author: Roger Marshall