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The app store optimization (ASO) is the adaptation of mobile applications in the stores with the aim of appearing in the first search results of the users in application stores. This is aimed at getting the greatest possible visibility leading to a greater download of the applications.
It is the so-called SEO for mobile applications, and it is about getting users to search for the keywords we want, find our applications at the top of the results lists of these application stores, generating greater traffic to the landing page of the and thereby achieving a greater conversion of users, thanks to their downloads and application updates.
Why is ASO important?

According to Forrester, in a study on the consumption of online technology, 63% of applications are discovered through searches performed by users in application stores. That is, it is the most used way to discover new applications by app developers.
The application market is constantly growing, thousands of applications are downloaded every day in the different application download stores, and you will have to compete with a good number of high-quality apps. It is necessary to invest resources in the optimization in these markets to improve your ASO and gain visibility in the search results and be closer to success by having your app in the highest possible ranking of the results.
The use of mobile searches grows year by year, even surpassing that of desktop searches. In fact, we can see in most data research companies that most searches now come from mobile devices.
ASO elements
If you are convinced of the importance of ASO for your mobile application, now we will indicate the main elements that you should consider:
ASO On-Metadata Factors

Title or name of the application
The title must include the name of the application as well as the keywords for which we want the user to find us when searching for applications in stores or markets. It must be descriptive, attractive, and clearly provide users with the idea of ??what the mobile application is.
By having different application stores and each having its rules when establishing the different metadata, we will have to act and work the application differently in the different markets:
– App Store, for iOS: we have 255 characters for the title, so you have to include both the name of the application and the keywords for its correct positioning. It must be a natural, clear, and compelling wording.
– Google Play, for Android: we have more restrictions because we only have 30 characters for the title, so we must be very precise, descriptive and include the most relevant keyword to the application.
In the case of the App Store, which is not available in the Google Play of Android, there is the possibility of including a keyword section. Of course, it is essential to perform keyword research to detect the search volume of those words, their relevance to the application, and the user and not repeat those included in the title. Enter them separated by commas without using spaces.
It is practically the same as the meta description tag for URLs in SEO. That is, it includes a clear and precise description of the app, which includes synonyms or different forms of construction of the keyword, relevant to the user, and above all, that convinces him to download the application. It is the most commercial part and where we have more space to predispose the user to download. It is always important not to abuse over-optimization, as all application stores penalize it and may result in the expulsion of the application.
Important to note that the first two sentences are the most important in the description, the most visible.
– App Store: it is not taken into account to position the application in the search results, but it is essential to use it as a commercial tool to influence the user’s willingness to download.
– Google Play: we have 4,000 characters for the description.
The requirement of the current market, as well as the need to differentiate and provide value, make a good work of the icon necessary so that it is also relevant, very attractive, and constitutes a call to definitive action. It is usually the first image and interaction of the application, and it is the main brand image, so you must be creative and show what your application is about. Do not disregard the design. Using the same icon in all application stores is essential for branding or brand empowerment.

Post Author: Roger Marshall